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Piercing Prices

The total cost is broken down into a piercing fee PLUS the cost of whatever jewelry is chosen. Since jewelry comes in a wide range of styles, the cost of piercings can vary within a wide range as well since it's determined by what you pick.

Our piercing fee is $50 (ear lobes are $40 each) plus the cost of jewelry, which can range from $40-$200. A few examples of the jewelry we have in stock, which are all hypoallergenic implant titanium and gold:

  • 2mm Stones

  • 2.5mm Stones

  • 3mm Stones

  • Basic Titanium

  • Shaped Titanium

  • Flat back labret

  • Curved barbell

  • Straight barbell

  • Threaded (single) ball

Jewelry changes, outside jewelry installations, removals, and piercing stretching - $20 each

We have the right to refuse outside jewelry if it doesn't meet the standards of the health department.

Because jewelry options cover such a wide range of pricing, if you’re looking for a more specific estimate we recommend either stopping by the studio to narrow down your choices, or text/call the shop if you have something specific in mind (669) 328-4125.

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