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Introducing the crew

Owner/Tattoo Artist

Enoc De La Rocha

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Enoc is a young Pokémon trainer from Denver, Colorado Town and has been tattooing since 2009, specializing in illustrative black work. Pokémon and evil creatures are his favorite subject matter. He loves to tattoo in his own style and to have creative freedom to make the tattoo as original and special as possible.

To book with Enoc, message him on Instagram or email him at


Tattoo Artist


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Johanna has been stabbing people professionally for 9 years. As a female erotic artist with a BFA SJfrom SU, Johanna wastes her fine art education tattooing anime/manga; traditional; pin-ups; and other figurative work. Her tattoos range from blackwork to dotwork to full color. She most enjoys expensive sushi dinners and Yu-Gi-Oh!

To book with Johanna, fill out the booking submission at the following link:

Tattoo Artist


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Annie has been tattooing since 2017. She specializes in illustrative and nature tattoos. Her favorite things to tattoo range from mushrooms, frogs and bugs to pretty ladies and flowers. When she’s not tattooing you can find her watching horror movies or out in the woods looking for mushrooms.

To book with Annie, message her on Instagram


Tattoo Artist


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Manny is down to earth and friendly, focused on illustration work caught somewhere between "cute" and "creepy". Loves doing satirical artwork as well as seductive and delicate art. Loves black and white contrast with a touch of pastel colors. 

To book with Manny, message him on Instagram

Tattoo Artist


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Ivy has just recently joined the tattoo world in 2020, but has deep roots in the art world. Their art focuses on bright colors and creepy-cute childhood nostalgia.  As a gay and trans artist, they also focus heavily on LGBT erotic and gay-awakening art. When they’re not working on their tattooing craft, you’ll find them wearing smeared clown paint, rewatching old cartoons and horror movies, or exploring beaches with their partner and pup, Ghost!


To book with Ivy, fill out the booking submission at the following link:


Tattoo Artist


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Anjolie is a creative and kind soul who has been tattooing since 2020. Her favorite types of pieces are illustrative, lightweight, and colorful. She enjoys designing pieces that flow naturally with the body. Her favorite things are thrifting, astrology, and doggies.

To book with Anjolie, send her a message on Instagram



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My name is Louie, I have been piercing for about 9 years now in Philadelphia and New Jersey. I moved to Cali with my partner and am excited for this new adventure! I have the highest respect for you and my craft and only use the highest quality jewelry. I like working one on one with my clients to ensure they are informed about the process and help them curate their bodies. My soul goal is to make sure you are comfortable and have all the knowledge you need to take care of your piercing and help you through the process.


Louie takes walk-ins Wed-Sat 11am-6pm, or to book with him, send him a message on Instagram or call the shop: (669) 328-4125

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