Tattoo Aftercare

• The 2 most important things is to keep the tattoo CLEAN and DRY. 

• Wash the tattoo 3 times a day for 3 days.

• Wash in the morning when you wake up, sometime during the middle, and before you go to bed.

• Clean as needed. Every time The tattoo is cleaned re-apply Aquaphor (for the first 3 days). 

• Use a small drop of antibacterial soap (dial) and some warm water to create a light lather on the tattoo. Rinse off soap and pat dry. 

• In the shower the tattoo can get wet 

     - it can’t soak, so no long showers

     - no extra hot showers

     - no bathing

     - no swimming

• A fresh tattoo will soak up any liquid or moisture and turns into a soggy scab. We don’t want that.

• Once dry give the tattoo a few minutes to air dry, then apply a THIN layer of Aquaphor making sure to rub it in and all over the tattoo.

• With a clean dry paper towel dab off the excess Aquaphor. 

• After the 3 days you don’t need Aquaphor anymore just apply a THIN layer of lotion after cleaning the tattoo (2-3 times a day). Use lotion till your skin no longer needs it. 

• NO picking or scratching, the least amount of touching the tattoo the better.

• Any irritation caused by Aquaphor might be to over use or due to sensitive skin. You can stop using Aquaphor and just use a thin layer of lotion instead of Aquaphor (Still after clearing it).

• Keep the tattoo out of the sun until it’s healed. Use sunblock to protect it. (After it’s healed).

• Never re-bandage or re-wrap the tattoo and don’t wear tight clothing on the tattoo.

• Average heal time is 2-3 weeks if properly taken care of.  If any questions or concerns please reach the shop or artist.