Thank you for your inquiry and interest in our work. We are extremely passionate about tattooing and creating art, so please take the time to read the following carefully so that all necessary details are gathered while collecting your information.


Looking forward to hearing your ideas! 



• Please be realistic with your size requirements. We can only tattoo certain images to a certain size. Over time, lines can blur together if the design is small

• Medium and large pieces have priority in scheduling.


• All consultations can be done via email, but would be preferred to be scheduled in person. It is very important to give us as many details as possible, so we can figure out your tattoo design.

OUR ARTISTS SPECIALIZE IN (Click "Artist" page to see work):

• Enoc De La Rocha

     - blackwork

     - dot work

     - neo-traditional

• Andy Chen

     - blackwork

     - dot work

     - black and grey realism


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